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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Why Asomugha would be better served for Lions then Revis

Will Detroit make a play for Revis?

      Recent reports have Darrell Revis on the trade block, although the team has sworn he's not. Furthermore, reports out of Philadelphia has Nnamdi Asomugha, who signed a 5 year $60 million dollar deal in 2011, set to be released in the next few days.

      Early reports from CBSSports Jason La Canfora had Detroit as a possible destination for Revis' services in 2013.

      The Lions have a free agent of their own. Chris Houston, who was traded for a 6th round draft pick from the Atlanta Falcons, has forced eleven turnovers, eight interceptions and three forced fumbles, leading to two touchdown returns in his first three seasons with the Lions. His value on the open market is $5 million according to Pro Football Focus, however, he will be looking to cash in on his recent performance coming closer to 7-8 million per year.

      In 2012, Houston lived up to the bill. With two interceptions and two forced fumbles, he racked up a +7.4 overall rating, ranking 23rd in the league at corner, while ranking tenth in the league with a +3.4 in run defense.

      On the other hand, Revis is reported to be looking for closer to $12-15 million on a long term deal. He also has been known to hold-out for the money he believes he's worth, when he signed a 4 year $46 million dollar bad-aid deal with the Jets in 2010.

      Revis is also coming of a serious ACL injury. With recent inclines in the medical field, these injury's are becoming more manageable on a players career. However, will he have the same explosion to the ball that made him a ball-hawking, shut down corner? Will his quickness be taken away? Will he have lost a step? We can't answer those questions until he's back on the field against the opposition.

      In his hay day's, he was certainly worth the cost. He led the league with a +24.6 overall grade and a +18.8 grade in pass defense, both ranked 1st in the league, while being targeted nearly half-the-times.

      With the asking price of New York likely beginning with the 5th overall pick in this years draft, this seems a risk better suited for a title contender like San Francisco, Atlanta, or the Broncos. Detroit isn't one player away. In fact, they may not even be two players away from being serious Super Bowl contenders.

If Asomugha is released, will Detroit make a play for the former All-Pro?

      That's were Nnamdi Asomugha comes in to play. Two years ago, he was considered the top corner in the game for the Oakland Raiders. He transitioned into the Eagles hybrid 3-4 scheme rather poorly. In 2012, Asomugha was tied-63-of-71 in the league, for cornerbacks, with a -7.9 rating. In 2011, it wasn't much better. He recorded a -5.8, which ranked 52-of-64 for all cornerbacks in the league. He had a combined +14.5 in 2009 and 2010, and recorded a league best 8 interceptions in 2006.

      Troubling reports our out their on Asomugha's dedication to the game. The Lions must sit him down and evaluate if that fire is still burning to continue to play at a high level. However, if he's back in a scheme that he's comfortable, base 4-3 zone much like Detroit's, he can be an elite corner.

      The Lions would be ill-advised to spend valuable draft picks in a off-season were their identity needs to be found. Only three spots are safe for 2013, Quarterback, defensive tackle, and middle linebacker. With options in free agency, Revis would be better suited in a different uniform then Detroit.

      Now the question becomes, if it came down to Houston or Asomugha, who would you want?

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