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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kyle Vanden Bosch responds to being cut

The Detroit Lions cut Kyle Vanden Bosch on Tuesday.
      You hear the cliche all the time, football is not personal its strictly a business. Kyle Vanden Bosch found that out the hard way on Tuesday, as the Lions cut him and his $7 million dollars that were due this upcoming season.

      Vanden Bosch reiterated those claims when he spoke with the teams website.

      "There’s definitely no hard feelings," he told "I appreciate the opportunity the Ford Family gave me and the opportunity coach Schwartz gave me and all the respect I got from everyone in the organization."
     The Lions had been $1.1M above the cap prior to Tuesday, cuppled with the Peterman trade, and will save them roughly $8.55 million to put them under the projected cap of $121 million for the 2013 season.
     Vanden Bosch knew this was a possibility three years ago when Jim Schwartz camped at his doorstep offering and eventually signing a four-year, $26 million deal in free agency.   He was due a $2 million roster bonus in March and $5 million in base salary for 2013
     "I gave everything I had for three years and I understood when I signed my contract that there were going to be some decisions that had to be made after the third year because of how the contract was written up," he told
      "I just understand that my time was up and I feel a tremendous amount of pride in what I gave to the organization.
      "Coach Schwartz brought me in to help change the culture and change the attitude and the first day I got there I gave it everything I had. The thing I will miss is the relationships I developed. The thing that I appreciate is the respect I got from everyone in the organization."

       Many of the Lions gave great praise to their former teammate shortly after his release.

      Vanden Bosch said those friendships will be the things he carries on. 

       "That’s the thing that’s always been the most important to me, just the impact that I have on other players and the pride I took as a leader," he said. "The thing that’s important to me is my legacy."

       Regardless if he rejoins the team or not, he has left his mark on this football team.

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